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It's almost 2, and i still haven't heard from Vanora yet =/ No email, no calls, no IRC, no nothing =(

I decided that i really needed to do laundry last night, and got started at about 1:00. I delayed a little on switching them over to the dryer, and then a little more on getting them after they were dry, so it was about 4:30 by the time i was done.

Inbetween i read some of the Anita Blake book i'm on, and by the time i finished laundry i only had about 60 pages left, so i stayed up till 5:30 finishing it =)

Now since i'm a nut and was hoping that i'd be able to hang out with Vanora today, i set my first alarm for 7:30 so i could get up early, take a shower, and get to work early so i'd have free time later in the day.

Well i slept through that alarm, but luckily the second one at 8:30 woke me up. I took an amazingly fast shower (for me =) and got into work at about 9:45..

The net was down when i got here, but it came back up after an hour or two, and will hopefully stay that way.

Now i just hope i hear from Vanora in time to do something.

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