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03 May 2002 @ 01:15 pm
The network was being really crappy yesterday. It went down about three times, the last time for about two hours =P

So since i didn't have the time to do a real update yesterday...

Wednesday night i went home early, about 8:30 or so, hoping that Morna would be able to hang out for awhile. She had the day off, but she'd said that she didn't know if she and Bricriu would be up to anything or not.

I got home and spent awhile reading, and then when Shawkial got off the computer i played some TKEP and talked to people.

Morna showed up online about 10:30, and said that she was busy with Bricriu, but then there was a sudden change of plans and she decided we could hang out for a little bit. I was supposed to pick her up at Denny's at about 11:30.

I showed up almost exactly at 11:30, and Morna and Bricriu were outside kissing, so i parked and waited a minute or two until Morna walked over. She suggested that we go back to my apartment so she could see the kitties. We sat and talked for awhile, and i have her back the Anita Blake books that i'd already finished.

I drove her back to her place about 12:15, and we sat outside in the car talking until Bricriu got back from whatever it was he'd been busy with.

I spent a lot of yesterday working on trying to get the GameCube version of the game to run, which finally seems to be working now, yay!

I got home at about 12:30 last night and stayed up till 2 reading the fourth Anita Blake book. I got through the first four in about a day each, and this one is lagging onto the third or fourth day =P

I get to go see Spiderman today! Our boss decided it would be a cool movie to go see, so work is funding it. Of course i'll be late making up the time we miss out on, but i probably would have been in late anyway =)

Hmmm, maybe i should stay overnight tonight? That would allow me to go home a lot earlier on saturday and maybe get to hang out with Vanora. I need to talk to her and see what her plans are for shopping this weekend.
Thaisathaisa on May 3rd, 2002 05:58 pm (UTC)
I didn't think I'd kept you waiting, at least not more than it took for me to walk over to your car. Certainly not for more than a minute, I'd guess, if that. :(
DonAithnendonaithnen on May 6th, 2002 06:04 pm (UTC)
No no! It wasn't very long! A minute or two is just a generic indicator for time that is more than ten or so seconds but less than five minutes =)