DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Last night

I left work at about 11:30, and got home with fairly little traffic. However as usual they were doing construction on the 10. I debated between getting off at Towne or Garey, but then i saw that they'd closed Garey, so i had no choice but to get off at Towne. Then i found that they were doing construction there too, and although the offramp was open, you couldn't turn left from it. Last time that had happened i'd gone east, but it had been awhile before i got to a major cross street to let me go north again. This time i tried going west, and managed to find a street between Towne and Garey that would let me go north.

For some reason i was feeling _really_ hungry. However In-n-out and Del Taco would both be fifteen minuet diversions (five minutes there, five minutes getting food, five minutes getting back) and i really wanted to relax. Since i happened to be driving by an ampm anyways, i decided to stop and get soemthing to eat. I got a double cheese burger and a corndog and an icee. The whole thing came to three bucks, which gave me a _great_ deal of confidence in the quality of the food =)

I got home about 12:30. Shawkial wanted me to take a picture of her and Gwri with a digitial camera they'd borrowed. After that i went into my room and started reading the fifth Anita Blake book while i ate. THe food was not bad, but the only thing making it taste good was the fact that i was really really hungry =) For some reason i was _still_ hungry after that, so i got two things of yogurt out of the fridge and a package of brownies and a package of peanut butter cripsy things. I finished those off and kept reading until about 1:45, at which point i was feeling really tired, and dozed off at about page 60.

And then i was hungry again in the morning when i woke up =P I manged to get out of bed about 9:15 and took a shower, and then had some blackberry juice before leaving. I made really good time on the freeway, so i stopped at Del Taco and brought some food to work.

I think my metabolism is being weird, stupid metabolism. Oh well, i can hope that if it's going to demand all this food that maybe it will decide to burn it off too, yeah right.

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