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Apparently i read slightly faster than 1 and a third pages a minutes.

I started reading the fourth Laurell K. Hamilton book, which is 369 pages long, at about 11:30, and finished it at 4am.

My alarm went off at 9, and my second alarm went off at 9:30. I finally managed to roll out of bed at 1);15 and was out the door at 10:30.

Traffic was pretty good until about halfway down the 57, when things started getting _really_ slow and packed. It finally gridlocked enough such that i figured that there had to be an accident ahead. So i'm in the far left lane, inching ahead, when i look in my rearview mirror. Then i looked in the mirror again. In the car behind me were two of my coworkers! One of them lives in Pasadena, and makes an even worse commute than i do, and picks up another guy who lives somewhere in the Diamond Bar area (i think) so they can carpool. So yeah, we were traveling on the same freeway (partway at least) every day, but the odds of ending up right next to each other in a traffic jam are still pretty darn low!

I waved to them, but they were busy talking to each other and didn't notice. Then after another five minutes we got to a place where they could get into the carpool lane, which was fairly clear at that point, so they did and passed me by. Another couple of minutes of inching ahead, and i noticed that the carpool lane had started to slow down, and the right lanes were moving slightly faster.

I figured this probably meant there was some kind of accident in the left lanes, and decided to gamble that i could get past whatever it was before they blocked the whole freeway to get whatever it was off to the side.

The right lanes were going faster, but it still took me awhile to get past the accident. There were two cars in the carpool and leftmost lane, one was backwards, the other was a van that was mostly sideways. There were also a couple more cars pulled off to the right side of the road.

After that the road was totally clear of course. I got to work and there was no sign of my two coworkers. They finally showed up about ten or fifteen minutes after i'd arrived.

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