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Liquid Nostalgia

I found this site a week ago, but i think i forgot to post about it then: YesterdayLand

It's got all kinds of cool stuff on it! I originaly stumbled across it cause i was looking for Rainbow Brite stuff, and they had a link to a place that has not only the theme song, but also movies of the episodes! =)

In other news, we were here till almost 3am last night getting the burn done. I got home at 3:30, nuked some people in Earth 2025, and went to bed. I set my alarm for 8:30 because i wanted to A: go to Barnes and Nobles to look for The Lunatic Cafe, and B: get to work early so i could go home early so i can hang out with Morna.

I found the bookstore after making two passes to figure out where it was based off of Morna's description and my very vague memory, and they had the book!!!! So now i can start on the fourth book tonight =)

I got to work about 10:30 and found my boss already here fixing some bugs for a last minute second burn.

My boss actually just went home, at a little after 3pm, although he said he might be back later =)

Of course it turns out that Morna has plans tonight that she'd forgotten about, so i may not get to see her anyways =(

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