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28 April 2002 @ 05:46 pm
I had wanted to hang out with Vanora some this weekend. I wouldn't have had much time, but if we'd made plans i could have moved my schedule around so that i would have had _some_ free time.

However I didn't hear from her thursday or friday, and by saturday i'd pretty much given up hope. Then today, _sunday_ she finally shows up on IRC and asks me what happened to going to DVD store. I pointed out that she hadn't talked to me about it at all ahead of time (didn't mention that she hadn't been on IRC any of the times i'd checked since i didn't want to point out that i'd been looking for her) and that i would be happy to do it next weekend if she'd make plans with me ahead of time.

*grumbles about girls who are 3000 miles away seeming to be interested, but girls who are within 50 miles not really noticing him*

I logged onto the Standard game of Earth2025, and found that one of the allies of a guy i'd landgrabbed yesterday had launched more than 20 nuclear and chemical missiles at me! My SDI had shot some of them down, but i was still really hurting. Not hurt enough to prevent me from launching a half dozen missiles back and invading him a few times. I'll do some more once i've got more turns =)

Then i logged into the Tournament game, and found that i'd been landgrabed twice in a row by the same guy. This is generally frowned upon, and i was already pissed off from what had happened in the other game, so i fired every missile i had at him and then started doing artilary barages (which only worked cause all his tanks were recovering from their attack on me =)

I expect to get creamed by him tomorrow since he's a lot larger than me, but at least i made his attack not worth it. At least assuming that his counterattacks don't grab too much land, which will be a problem since i accidently ran out of food and had some of my army walk off =/
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