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Strange thought for the day

I stayed up till about four or five finishing the third Anita Blake book, unfortunatly Morna did not lend me the fourth book because she does not have it.

I went to the Comic Bookie this morning before coming into work and bought two volumes of X/1999, and a set of Cowboy Bebop figures.

Then i went to Borders to buy the fourth Anita Blake book. Unfortunatly they seemed to have just about every one of Laurell K. Hamilton's books _except_ that one. Oh well, will have to try other bookstores later =/

So i got into work and one of the first things i saw on CNN was this article about the NRA which pissed me off on several points.

It also reminded me of this aritcle about fighting back against such groups. (Specifically in this case the corporations who want to put limits on technology to enforce copyrights, but the ideas can be more generally applied)

You know, it would be really ironic if a special interest group interested in reducing the influence of special interest groups in DC successfully used these tactics =)

It's not really so much a new thought, but one that got reawakened by the stupid article. I'm always thinking about ways in which things could be better if we could just start over from scratch.

I'm not a constitutional lawyer, so there are probably some problems with this, but anyways...

The reason for the 2nd amendment is that the British imposed rules about owning guns on the colonists. This pissed the colonists off because without weapons, they had no recourse against an oppresive government. The 2nd amendment was meant to insure that such a situation never happened again.

For the moment lets pretend that the situation can still be prevented by people having access to guns. For that to be realistic we'd also need a Right to Bear Tanks, Jet Fighters, and Other Large Instruments of Mass Destruction, but nevermind that for now.

So the idea is not neccessarily that civilians should have guns stacked up in their house. The idea is that guns should be available if needed to start a revolution.

So make private ownership of guns illegal, but scattered about (i'm not sure if they should be in public locations, private homes, or both) would be locked cabinets with automatic weapons inside. There would be a simple code that everyone knew that would open the cabinets, but when opened they would immediatly send an alarm to the nearest police stations and military bases. Opening a cabinet should be illegal unless it's needed for self defense of course.

If one cabinet is opened, the police or military know there is a crime being commited (either the person who opened the cabinet or the person they're defending themselve from) and can go deal with it. If all the cabinets open at once, well there's a revolution going on and obviously they can't respond to every instance.

Yeah, okay, my ideas tend towards the fantastical, but i still wonder if it might not be better than the way things are now.

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