DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yesterday I actually managed to get up at about noon, and was fairly proud of myself for this.

I logged on and no one I knew was online, so I took a shower, and when I got out there was still no one online.

I went to the rental office of the apartment so I could sign the forms saying I was goign to move. However it seems that since Morna signed onto the lease when I last renewed it about a year ago, they want here and I to be there at the same time to sign things. They don't really care that we have completly disparate work schedules. However I think I've worked out a time this afternoon when we can both be there, though I'll have to leave work a little early.

I got stuff ready for the club tonight, and packed it up. I'd emailed Shawkial the night before asking her if it would be okay to crash on her floor when we got back from the club, but she hadn't answered yet. I packed up my sleeping bag as well, hoping for good news, and sent email to Shawkial telling her that I was going to go to the local mall to try and return the DVDs, and then head to her place to go to the mall to do some shopping. (Unfortunatly Allyn had work in the afternoon, so couldn't go shopping with me, so I was hoping to go with Shawkial and Gwri instead)

I left for the mall, and when I told the manager that the DVDs didn't work, he tried them out on their PS2, and they worked fine! We talked about what could be causing the problems, and after verifying that I didn't have it hooked up through a VCR (heh, I wasn't the only person getting screwed over by Macrovision apparently =) they asked when I had bought mine.

I told them that I'd gotten mine the first day, and they figure that that is probably where the problem is. Apparently the first version of the DVD drivers was buggy, and experienced all kinds of problems. I hadn't noticed any before this, but I wasn't really paying that much attention to possible other bugs. Since I didn't have a receipt for the place I originally bought it (since work got it for me) the manager was kind enough to bend the rules a little, and told me that if I brought in my PS2, they would "swap it out" and replace it with the updated version.

They were unclear about what "it" was. I don't know if this is going to be a software upgrade, or if the problem is in the chips and that those need to be replaced. In any event however, I told them that I'd bring it in next saturday, and they'll fix it up for me! I was so happy with this, that I decided to blow some money on games, and bought three used PSX games. This is why it's nice to bend the rules in ways to make your customers happy =)

I then headed over to Shawkial's place, and found that Morna and Gwri had already left to go to the mall =( However while I was parking at the mall, I just happened to run into them (no, not literally =) and they said they'd hang out with me while I did some shopping =)

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