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Damn i'm stupid =)

So i took a shower last night, and got out about 11:00. I decided to read some of the Laurell K. Hamilton book while i waited for my hair to dry some. (Okay, that was just an excuse =)

I figured i would read till midnight or 1:00, and then get up at 8. Midnight passed, and i figured okay, i'll go with the 1:00 time. Then i looked up and it was almost 2, and i thought, as soon as i finish this bit i'll go to sleep, that's still about six hours till 8. The next time i checked the clock it was 2:45 and i was a little over 2/3 done.

At that point i got the bright(?) idea that if i finished the book of then, i could give it to Morna today when we traded books =) So i got a snack, and kept reading. I finally finished the book at 4:00. Sleep time, right? Well, let's put the book out by my shoes so i'll remember it in the morning. And i was going to loan her the first Sara Douglas book, where did i put that? *looks around* Hmmm, not there.

I then started rearanging my room looking for the damn thing. Not cleaning, just rearanging. I must have gone through at least half the floor space in my room, certainly all the places where i thought it was likely to be, no luck. The damn thing is hiding from me! I'm going to kick it's ass when i find it! Well actually i'm going to give it to Morna, which you think it would damn well appreciate!

I finally gave up on that about 4:35 and went to bed.I did reset my first alarm for about 8:40 though =)

So first alarm goes off, i hit the snooze button. There was no cat on me. There was no cat near me. Why is that important? Well i think i hit the second snooze button, but when i woke up for the third snooze, Cassie was sitting on me! I think i may have been petting her some. Of course i had to roll over to hit the snooze, but after sliding off she stood next to me and got happily petted some more after i'd hit the snooze.

She's a cat, i suppose it's her nature to be perverse, but she _never_ comes into the bedroom when i want her to, only _just_ when i'm waking up! =P If she has any desire _other_ than being perverse, she's just strange. If she wanted to get petted, i could do quite a bit more of that while i'm going to sleep without having to worry about moving to hit the snooze alarm. If she just wants to sit on me that would be a good time as well, or while i'm fast asleep. Why does she want to come be in the bedroom only in the morning?

I manage to crawl out of bed about 9:15. I remembered to take the books for Morna with me (minus the Wayfarers Redemption of course, *growl*) And managed to get to work at 10:00! Yay good traffic! =)

For some inexplicable reason, despite the book frustration and my lack of sleep, i felt strangely peacefull and happy driving to work.

Current theories are:
I was up early and getting to work early
I'm planning on leaving a little early tonight
I'll hopefully get to see Morna for at least a few minutes tonight
The white sky blanketed in clouds with raindrops gently falling

Not sure why the last one would cheer me up, however i have felt the same feelings before under similar weather condtions. Perhaps because it reminds me of home?

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