DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Today and stuff

Woke up late this morning. Shawkial said she intentionally didn't wake me up because she thought i needed sleep.

I think i forgot to set my alarm last night, just collapsed into bed. I'm glad my subconscious kicked in at 11 and told me i was supposed to be at work.

I got in about 45 minutes late, but the burn had been done either late last night after i left (about 11) or early this morning, and had gone well, so no one seemed to care.

I left about 7:30, i felt guilty cause i'd only been there seven hours and fortyfive minutes, but i really wanted to get to hang out with Morna and i was barely going to get to spend any time with her as it was.

I'd talked to her on the phone some last night, but she was leaving to go have dinner with Bricriu, so i didn't get to hang out with her then.

I got to Morna's place about 8:15, and she was supposed to meet Bricriu after his class at 9:00, so we decided to go to Border's since that's close to campus.

We got some coffee and looked at books, The "new" Sara Douglass book was out, so i got that, and some Laurell K Hamilton books that Morna had enjoyed reading, and a book by Jacqueline Carey that Morna had also recomended. Morna also let me buy a book for her as a present! *happies* =)

No new manga that i want had come out though =(

We spent about twenty or thirty minutes there before we had to go so Morna could go meet Bricriu.

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