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Geez, Morpheus is getting more and more unreliable as time goes on it seems like.

A search for "final fantasy" turns up 10 Final Fantasy Unlimited episodes, and about 1950 other files. A search for "final fantasy unlimited" turns up four files, at least one of which is a _different_ file from the file for the same episode the other search turned up. (it has "[Soldats]" attached to the end of the file name, whatever that means. The other three could be different files with the same name for all i know) A search for just "unlimited" turns up zero episodes, and 733 other files.

<lj user="sol_rei_> says she's downloading the first episode right now. I have the first episode available for download, but she's not getting it from me, and none of the files showing up in my searches is for episode one. A more blatant example. Very coincidentally the new Rush album "Vapor Trails" has a song called Ceiling Unlimited, which i stumbled across on Morpheus in a way that should be obvious to an observant reader. I turns out the entire disk is on Morpheus. I sure hope most of these people are like i, and just can't wait for the album to come out, but will buy it when it does. However a search for "vapor trails" turns up three files. However a search for "rush" results in 1,900 files, and restricting _that_ to "vapor trails" narrows it down to 482 files. *does an experiment* Let's search for "fantasy" i'd search for "final" but another wonderful "feature" of Morpheus is that they won't let you start a new search if the search terms are a subset of the _begining_ of a search you currently have open. That wouldn't be so bad since i could just close the "final fantasy" search and do the search on "final" _except_ that Morpheus keeps searching and slowly adds more hits to each search over time. If i close "final fantasy" and then search for it again, there is no guarantee that it will immediatly find all the same items again. So i search for "fantasy," expecting it to get overloaded with crap, given the net's tendency towards porn. Suprisingly, it only returns 1350 files, less than "final fantasy" *watches as the number bumps up to 1480* So narrow that down with a restriction on "final fantasy" results in 537 files, and it looks like some of them are files i don't recognize from the other list... *piku* THERE IT IS!!!! There's the Final Fantasy Unlimited episode 1 that wasn't showing up in my other search!!!!! God _damn_ i need to find a better file sharing program!

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