DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

*taunts microsoft*

The x-box sucks! It's tanking in Japan! *does a happy dance*

Let's take a look at the hardware sales reported so far this year comparing the Gamecube, teh X-Box, and oh, say, the PS1 and Dreamcast.

Gamecube: 510,000
Xbox: 169,000
PS1: 74,000
Dreamcast: 12,000

Ouch. Looks not so good for Xbox. But why did i include the PS1 and Dreamcast in the lineup you might ask? Well let's look at sales for just the last week:

Gamecube: 10,000
PS1: 3000
Xbox: 1800
Dreamcast: 1500

Xbox sales are apparently _plummeting._ They're currently being outsold by the PS1, and are in serious danger of falling below the _Dreamcast._ A console that has been discontinued for over a year =)

The PS2 is of course kicking everyones ass still. The only thing that is even remotely challending it at this point is *blinks* the Gameboy Advance? Very strange.

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