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Last night, today

Got home last night and ended up talking to Vanora on IRC. She sounded like she might maybe want to do something today, maybe, possibly.

The group for the Mage campaign i'm in got together today. We were supposed to meet at Titania's place at 2, however i got up at 12:30 and by the time i struggled out of bed and got done with shower it was 1:30. Then i ran into traffic on the way there and arrived about 2:45. However Rhavina and Sarisa were also running late so it turned out that it didn't matter that i was behind schedule.

We had a good session, and Rhavina cooked some cookies while we were playing.

We finished gamind about ten. Rhavina and Sarisa wanted to hang out a little longer, so i called home and Gwri answered and said that they hadn't heard anything from Vanora, so i said i would hang around awhile too.

Titania and Rhavina dyed Rhavina's hair blue, at least that was the color of the dye, it came out more silver, but that was what Rhavina had wanted anyway.

About 11:30 or so i drove Rhavina and Sarisa back to their apartment and then headed home. I was going to stop for Del Taco on the way home since i didn't have much money, but it turns out that the nearest Del Taco closes at midnight. How the hell can a Del Taco close at midnight???

It was kind of depressing driving by where Vanora lives on my way back from LA. I tried to make it really easy for her to get in contact if she wanted to do anything. She has my cell phone number, and i told her she could call me. If she had called i would have left the game session a sooner. I told Shawkial and Gwri to give me a call themselves if they heard from her.

Things would be easier if i didn't have any hope i think, i should try to get rid of it. If i'm smart i'll somehow just make myself forget all about her. She clearly doesn't have any interest in my. No matter how many times i tell myself that though, it's hard to stop caring.

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