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10 April 2002 @ 10:15 am
Good morning  
After watching the end of Cowboy Bebop last night shawkial came out from the bedroom and suggested that we should watch some more Fushigi Yugi. I stupidly let her convince me =)

We finished off the first season at about 3:30 in the morning. I had an apointment to take my car in for an oil change in the morning so i got up about 7:30 *thump*

However it turns out to be good that i got up that early in the morning, cause KLOS had an interview with Geddy Lee! =)

I read X/1999 Prelude and some of the Cultural Traditions of Japan book while i was waiting for the oil change. Don't seem to have enough time for reading anymore =/

When i got into work i skimed through CNN, and it seems that the X-box is tanking in Japan! Woohoo! =)

Microsoft will just end up buying the lead in the games industry anyway, but it's nice that they're running into at least a few stumbling blocks.