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Sex between two women is unatural....

says a bi friend of mine. *boggle* =)

She doesn't count it as being sex between two women unless there is some kind of penetration other than fingers.

So two girls can't have "sex" without external aid. Two guys or a guy and a girl locked in a bare room could have sex, but two girls couldn't. This sems kinda strange to me.

I'm guessing that this is not the only opinion on the matter. What exactly does constitue sex between two girls? Is it possible to draw a line between oral sex and sex as you can with other types of couples?

Update: We decided that a good definition (for bi people at least) was: "if one of the two of you had had a cock, would they have been fucking the other with it?"

However that's based mostly on feelings, not on any actual act. Which is fine i suppose, but i'm still curious if anyone has any other good physical or other definitons.

And this is for's Sex test, so the definition that gets settled on could have a drastic effect on a lot of people's future sex lives! ;)
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