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I was talking to a friend of mine about the eharmony results and she asked if i had taken's Sex test.

I had, but hadn't taken it in awhile so i did it again. She had said that her results were that she would have sex with more than 20 people in her life. When i finished going through it i got 6.

I was wondering about the big difference between our scores, so i fiddled around a bit. I found that if i increased the number of people i've had sex with by one but left all other answers the same, the results went from 6 lovers to 19! We were both really suprised that such a small change produced such a large result.

The one value seems too small, the other seems too large. However given a choice between the two i suppose i'd rather go with the 19 than the 6.

On the plus side, the test also said that based on my results i probably know someone who secretly wants me. Now if i could just figure out who that person is or get them to confess... =)

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