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I told you it wasn't easy! =)

According to, i have no romantic matches anywhere on the planet =)

I don't know if my standards are too high, or my personality is too weird, or they just don't have very many users, or what, but i find it ammusing.

The personality test got some stuff fairly right, and some things way off.

It says i want "A predictable enviroment with few suprises that are not "planned."" Say what? I think it got confused by my answers and thought a desire for stability in a relationship translated to a preference for staticness in general.

I am a "Loyal team player"? I suppose, for about as long as the team continues to make intelligent decisions and function in a coherent manner, but i'm not sure that that really counts as loyalty.

I am certainly _not_ an "Objective, careful evaluator of all things before an activity is started."

It seems to be fairly accurate in other areas though.

It says that normally i'm Flexible, Active, Energetic, Pressure-Oriented(? which means?) Alert, and Impatient.

It also says that under stress i'm Hyperactive, Pushy, a Poor Listener, and Impulsive.

However i'm wondering how flexible and impulsive combine to form "wanting a predictable enviroment with few suprises" =)

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