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Today. Blah. Secret.

The HairBone's connected to the HeadBone. The WeaponBone's connected to the HandBone.

After dropping Vanora off at her place i went home and took a nap for about an hour and a half. I got up at 2 or 2:30, and left for work at about 3. We had a milestone due today and i wanted to make sure I got all my stuff done.

I stopped by a Del Taco on the way to get some breakfast/dinner/whatever. However when i got to the office it turns out that my electronic key is busted! It looks just fine, but whatever magnetic resonance it is supposed to have must be scrambled, cause it doesn't open shit.

Luckily i had some books sitting in my car, so i ate del taco and read the Ancient Sources of Japanese Tradition or whatever it is exactly until the doors unlocked at 6.

Then i got inside and found that the internet was down =P

On the plus side i did get my stuff done for the milestone. I also got paid today. I don't think i mentioned it before, but it turns out there _are_ 24 paychecks a year, which means that i'll get paid at unusual times, depending on when the 1st and 15th happen to fall that month.

Is it just the programmer side of me that things that's a dumb system when a 52 week year is easily divisible into exactly 26 two week periods? Or do other people think that too?

Oh, and i've got another secret! =) Somebody guessed the last one right away, so this one is silly and trivial and no one will guess it =)

It's 11:00, and the burn should be done soon, so i'm going to go home and sleep now.

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