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Right at this moment i'm feeling pretty happy, so of course i need to find something to worry about don't i?

Today is April Fool's. The Gaming Intelligence Agency _always_ has several April Fool's day articles ready to put up. Some of them are quite elaborate and have had a lot of work put into them. One year they made up a completly false final fantasy game, complete with "screenshots" and such.

This year they only have two articles, titled "The End" and "GIA's Index."

The first describes how they're shutting down the GIA after almost four years. The second is a compilation of statistics from the past four years with hyperlinks to relevant pages. Haha.

Only thing is, "GIA's Index" was posted at midnight this morning. "The End" was posted five minutes earlier at 11:55 pm, technically not April Fool's day. Now wouldn't _that_ be an evil April Fool's day joke? To announce at 11:55 pm tonight, "April Fool's, it's not a joke."

Unfortunatly they don't seem to have their old April Fool's day articles archived so i can't check the posting times on them. I'm probably worrying to much, but that posting time is _really_ annoying, the question is just whether or not it's part of a fiendish plot or not =)

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