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Wow, i wasn't online at all over the weekend. That's probably related to me getting to watch lots of anime with a cute girl this weekend =)

Well, except for saturday morning when i was at work. I got up early (early for me on a saturday =) and got into work at a little before noon. Vanora had actually answere email two or three times during the week, and i managed to hook up with her on IRC and make plans.

Making the plans was difficult because she kept failing to say what she wanted to do, even when asked point blank. "Do you want to do anything this weekend?" "I'm free this weekend." "Okay, but do you actually want to do anything?" "We could." "So do you want me to come over at some point." "Sure" "Okay, when?" "Don't care when." Argh!

I Left work about 6:45, but ran into traffic so didn't get to her place till 8:00. We watched a couple episodes of Golden Boy that she'd just downloaded. Neither of us had ever seen any before, and it was _strange._ Then she made a quick dinner for us and we watched some Maze and then some Digi Character.

About 11:00 we decided to head over to my apartment. I had some anime that she didn't, and there were kitties over there.

You know, at this point i can't actually remember what we watched. We were up till four watching it though. Oh yeah, at least some of it was Rurouni Kenshin. And towards the end we started the first episode of El Hazard. However i was seriously drifting off towards the end of it, and Vanora suggested that we should get some sleep.

I offered to take the couch and let her use my room so the kitties wouldn't harrass her as much, but she said she didn't mind.

I got woken up by at about 10:00 by some combination of my alarm going off and Vanora moving about out in the kitchen, which was good since i'd told Vanora to wake me up whenever she got up.

Vanora wanted to make some cornbread, so i helped her out a little bit by doing some dishes, and then went to take a shower while she finished. After she woke up Shawkial and Gwri to give them some cornbread we started watching El Hazard again. We got all the way through that and watched the rest of second season Magic Knights Rayearth. We finished that up at about 11pm, and i drove her back to her place.

She was noncomital about her plans for nextweekend, but hopefully she'll feel like watching more anime again or doing something else instead. I've been trying to bribe her with my car (her truck is broken down at the moment) to drive her around for stuff.

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