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I haven't had to do that since college.

Work bought us Bucca de Beppo for dinner tonight. Bucca has wonderful cheese pizza. unfortunatly i only grabed two slices my first time through. When i went back later there was no cheese pizza left, but there was lots of peperoni, so i decided to try it.

It was just about the greasiest pizza ever.I peeled off the peperoni and ate one piece, and there was grease all over my fingers and it was all icky. So for the second piece i tried peeling off hte peperoni, and then i applied a couple of napkins to it to soak up the grease. I put another napkin on the bottom because there was grease on that _too_

I ended up with a three or four grease soaked napkins, and one still fairly greasy piece of pizza. And since their pizzas are also thing crust, it was kind of limp and droopy along with being soggy. I got about halfway through that piece before deciding to throw the rest away. It was better than the first piece, but i decided that i still wasn't worth finishing the rest.

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