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While driving home last night i was looking at the cars ahead of me, and i suddenly thought that when i pass them, i should make sure not to spend very long ahead and to the left or right of them, or they might try to capture me. I'm fairly sure that this interpretation was due to cars' fairly limited ability to move pretty much like a pawn (at least on the freeway) not the belief that all the others drivers on the highway are worthless pawns =)

The most interesting game of Kungfuchess i've had so far ended with me having a knight and a king, and him having a king. He had a knight and a king originally, but i tricked him into giving up his knight by putting my king in a spot guarded by my knight, and jumping out of the way at the last second when he tried to capture it =) Trying to pin down a king with just a king and a knight is _hard._ So finally i just moved my king next to the spot i thought his king was moving to, which meant that we were both sitting there with our kings right next to each other waiting for the timers to count down with our cursors hoverign over our kings read to move them. The timers ran out at the same time, they jumped towards each other at the same time, but apparently i was just a tad faster, because i won =)

In other game sillyness, in the tournament game of Earth 2025 i'm currently ranked #13. In the other game i'm currently ranked #42. I think that's pretty spiffy.

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