DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Other than the time I spent with Allyn, today was pretty crappy, but not for any good reason.

My company had a trip to see Pearl Harbor today. We left at about 11:15, and the movie started at 12:00. You would think that going to see a movie instead of working would be fun.

However this was kind of reminiscent of when we went to see the opening for Gladiator. Several of us, including me, were pissed because it was a movie that we wanted to see with wives or girlfriends, but because it was a company event, we weren't supposed to bring them along. And because it was a company event, skipping out on it would have been frowned upon.

Pearl Harbor has gotten bad enough reviews such that I wouldn't have specifically planed on seeing it with Allyn, but the whole thing in theory is still kind of annoying.

Also, I usually don't like going to see a movie in the theatre by myself, I like to go with my friends instead. I get along with the people at work, but I wouldn't say that they're real friends. They're like the few friends I had in high school, people you talk to when you're there, but never see afterhours.

I don't _think_ that they resent me if I show up at an after hours event, but they almost never tell me about them, and no one seems interested in going out to lunch with me. The only person, past or present, who ever cared at all if I showed up at after hour events or not was Enid, and now that she's moving, there's no one else.

So I got to watch a movie I didn't care about too much with some people that I don't care about too much, and it was all a little annoying.

The movie itself was mediocre. I was annoyed that they didn't talk about the aircraft carriers being out on patrol, and the misplaced declaration of war made by the Japanese prior to the attack.

After the (very long) movie, I went back to work and spent a few more hours there. Apparently a lot of the others decided to just go home. After doing a little bit of testing, I drove off to Shawkial's place. Allyn had already gotten there by the time I arrived, and we all had dinner together, Shawkial and Gri (her boyfriend) Allyn and I, Morna, Donella, and a friend of hers and Shawkial.

After dinner, Donella and her friend, Allyn and I, and Morna watched a movie. Gwri wandered in and out for parts of it.

After the movie Donella headed off to spend some time at her friend's place, and Allyn had to leave because she has work early tomorrow.

I talked with Morna some after that. Despite the fact that she's told Allyn that she hasn't actually asked me for a secondary relationship, she was unhappy that I wouldn't consider such a relationship with her.

She also wishes that she could live with me. She and Bricriu have asked if I would like to live with them, and I've told her that it would be just too hard.

She makes me feel guilty and upset by saying that I don't want to live with her, even though it's just that I don't want to live with her _and_ Bricriu. And by saying that I don't want to work on a relationship with her, when I just don't want to work on a secondary relationship with her.

Allyn is more important in my life right now, but it still hurts when Morna implies that I don't care about her at all.

Morna is also jealous of Shawkial since I'll be living with her soon. Morna feels that instead of living with her and Bricriu, I'm rewarding Shawkial by giving her $400 a month for what she views as the minor inconvenience of me living there, while providing her with the opportunity to spend time with me, my kitty, and my PS2. However with Gwri there I somehow doubt that she'll care much about me being around, although I'm sure she'll enjoy playing with the kitty and the PS2 =)

I hope my kitty gets along with Shawkial's kitty. My kitty is sweet and cute, almost as cute as Allyn =)

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