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22 March 2002 @ 01:21 pm
Movies and Games  
I'm gonna go see a movie!!

I _so_ like how movies are done here better than i did at my old place of employment.

The guy who's usually in charge of organizing things came around today telling people that a group was going to see Blade 2 and to ask if they were interested in coming along. Some people said yes, some people said no. It's just a group of us going to see a movie together, not some official company bonding event. And i have the feeling that if i had an SO at the moment and they could manage to be there that it wouldn't be a problem with anyone.

In trivial news, i also just broke into the top 10 in the tournament game of Earth 2025 that i'm in. It's a low bracket, but i still think that it's pretty cool =) I'm currently #10 out of 367! Yay! Wonder how long until i start getting my ass kicked by #s 1-9 =)
Current Mood: happyhappy