DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Me is a silly person

Went to DVDPlanet again today.

This time i bought the Ranma OAV set, the Tenchi OAV set (which is really the original series) the first Fushigi Yugi boxed set, the first Vampire Princess Miyu OAV, and the first volume of Nadia.

Unfortunatly they still didn't have Battle Angel or the Ah My Goddess movie. There were out of the AMG OAVs, so i was happy that i'd bought those last time.

Came to like $350 this time =P

Speaking of money i got a statement from my brokerage thingy company saying that they'd sold my stock options. Unfortuantly they told me that they sold them for $31,000 without any indication of how much they had to pay for them, or what the total taxes and fees on the transaction were.

Hopefully at somepoint they will send me an updated form that says exactly how much money i made in the end. And hopefully at some point there will be a check so that i actually get the money =)

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