DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I left from work early yesterday (about 6:30) to go a friend's birthday party (the from the Mage campaign)

Titania was hosting the party, if you want to call something with just four people there a party =)

I got there at about 7:55, just before they turned Buffy on. We had pizza and cake and watched tv. We were thinking about doing a game session, but Titania was feeling really tired. I droped the GM and his girlfriend off at their apartment and then drove home.

When i got home i played some FF9 for a little bit. I got just far enough to get Red added to my party, and geez is he weird. Then i watched a new episode of Cowboy Bebop before going to bed.

Oh, and after going to bed but before going to sleep i finished off the Ceres:Celestial Legend manga i bought last weekend. I think i may like this better than Fushigi Yugi. Somehow the idea of having an adventure in a story book just seems wrong to me. It's been done before, and it also call sinto question if any of what happens is actually real. Do the people in the story exist when someone isn't actually reading the book? What happens to them when someone else starts reading it? Do they get reset? Or is a new set of characters spawned?

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