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I have a permenant account!

See, good things do come to those who stay up way too late =)

Thank you thank you thank you leora!!!!!!! She posted a link about the permenant accounts being available =)

I was playing FF9 at about 3 in the morning when Shawkial started asking Gwri if he had a paypal account. Since his account wasn't working anymore, she asked me if she coudl borrow my paypal account to buy a permenant LJ account, which got my attention of course =)

The accounts are $100 to the first 200 people who apply or until the end of the month, at

I don't know what the balance is between the high price (equivalent to 4 years of paid account they said) and the fact that there's only 200 of them to go among 100,000+ users, so who knows how long they'll last.

So after getting my permenant account i went back to FF9.

I'm not sure if i was already engaegd in my titanic battle at that point, or if it was just about to occur. You see, on the Mountain Path, there is this big green ogre you run into halfway through. He has a mithral fork. I have a mithral fork. He has a fairy flute. I do not have a fairy flute. I was going to get a damn fairy flute.

Unfortunatly zidane stole the mundane item (a phoenix down?) and ten took another ten or twenty steals to get something else, and it was the mithral fork. This is a bad sign. Fifty steals later, still no fairy flute, also a bad sign.

Zidane tranced, used it up stealing. Garnet tranced, used it up healing everyone.

About 3:45 i started wondering if i should give up or soemthing. Gwri pointed out that it probably wasn't worth the resoruces, especially since i could probably buy it in a store in another town or two. However Gwri doesn't get the point. That ogre had a fairy flute, i wanted the fairy flute, i was going to take that fairy flute from him god damn it! Or rather, zidane was going to take it from him for me =)

People tranced, people tranced again, people ran out of magic casting heals and i used up ethers fixing them.

Finally zidane realized that _he_ was getting any sleep either until i got the damn thing. About 3:50 or 3:55 he finally got the fairy flute!

At the finally count Eiko and QUina had only tranced once each cause i stopped using them after they tranced the first time, garnet was 99% to her second trance, and zidane was 75% to his third =) I'd probably used up four or five ethers and about as many phoenix downs, but i had the fairy flute!

I also had fun unleashing two summons and a Fira that had about twenty focuses behind it on the stupid ogre who'd kept me up till 4 in the morning =)

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