DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

It's wet!

Today was Shawkial's birthday, so i got woken up about 11 am by Shawkial's not cute sister calling to wish Shawkial a happy birthday. Unfortunatly she was still asleep, so i took a message.

I went back to sleep and got up again at about three or so, and told Shawkial (who had just gotten up herself) the message.

I started checking email, and after awhile Shawkial went to take a shower and Gwri left to do some shopping. While Shawkial was in the shower Vanora (Shawkial's really cute sister) called to wish her happy birthday. We talked for a little bit since Shawkial was busy. She'd gotten the email i sent her but hadn't replied, however she seemed perfectly okay with talking to me on the phone.

Shawkial was taking a fairly long shower though, so eventually Vanora said i should just tell her happy birthday when she got out and hung up.

I relayed the new message to Shawkial when she got out, and then decided to go get some food. I went to Burger King and got some dinner. As i was heading there it was starting to sprinkle.

I decided ot get some shopping done too and went to Ralph's to get some shampoo and conditioner. I also got some more soap and the Infusium hairspray stuff that's supposed to make your hair less split-ended and stuff. I then went by Comic Bookie and bought the first manga of Ceres: Celestial Legend just to see what it's like. I also placed and order for Inu Yasha's #2, 3, and 4, and X/1999 Prelude and Overture. As i headed out of there it was really starting to rain.

I was going to go by Best Buy after that to spend my gift certificate. However since i was going by the mall i decided to stop by and see if Morna was at work. She was, so i wandered around a bit waiting for her to be done with customers. She said that she was getting off at 7 and that maybe we could talk for a little bit.

I went and waitied outside while they closed the store, luckily there was an overhang area so i didn't have to wait out in the rain, and when Morna got out we sat in my car and talked for a bit. And i showed her my new toy! =)

After awhile she decided that i should drive her back to her place and she could get Bricriu to drop her off at her car after dinner, so she wouldn't have to go out into the rain till later.

I droped her off and went to Trader Joe's and bought some more Balance Bars and Trail Mix stuff. The guy at the register recognized the Red Alert 2 shirt that i happened to be wearing, which was cool. Too bad no girls play Red Alert 2 =)

I stopped by Best Buy and as expected it was closed, but it had closed at six, so i hadn't missed out on anything by going to see Morna =)

On the way home there was a really big lightning flash, although i didn't hear the thunder over the car engine and radio. When i got into the apartment though i heard a big thunder noise =)

The LA people are down in San Diego this weekend, so no clubbing tonight, i'll probably play FF9 instead =)

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