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Stupid depressing company parties

Lots of cute interesting girls around, all of whom are there with guys that they're either going out with or married to.

They had two contests, one was the usual start with $1000 in fake money and gamble and whoever gets the most money wins. Of course i did pretty badly at it. I ended up at about $1600, but the top person had almost $20,000.

I did get called up in the raffle to do the "wheel of fortune," Like several other people i almsot stopped on the gold strip, which would have presumably been something cool. What i ended up with was a bottle of wine =P What am i going to do with a bottle of wine?

So yeah, i should head home now. And play lots of FF9. Tomorrow i should go get new car insurance.

Perhpas i should also stop by Costco and look into getting a digital camera. Allyn keeps telling me i need a better picture on my personal if i'm ever to have any hope of attracting anyone.

Of course in order to use it i'd need to get a new computer as well. Actually, this computer has a USB port, so i could use it i suppose.

I also have lots of anime to watch. I might also want to come into work and catch up some.

I don't know, i'll do stuff, i don't know if i really care what anymore.

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