DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Say what?

So i got up early this morning and checked on my stock options cause they expire on the 17th.

The price was bouncing up and down all over the place for the first hour of trading, so i decided to just call in and place a sell order as soon as it was positive.

The person at the company said they needed ot contact EA to verify the number of stocks, and they weren't answering at the momment so it would take 15 or so minutes.

So i looked at yahoo about 30 minutes later, and the price had jumped 50 cents. So i decided to call back and see if they'd processed the order, and at what price. So i called up, and they told me that the options had sold at $60.27. This sounded a little strange to me, so i double checked with them to make sure i'd gotten it right, and then i checked yahoo. According to yahoo the high price for today is $60.20 =)

Not sure where the extra 7 cents came from. Maybe there was a spike smaller than the timespan in which yahoo updates? I'd certainly expect major financial companies to have better tracking software than yahoo =) In any case, as long as they actually got that price i'm happy.

Now just watch, now that i've sold the stock will probably hit something ridiculous like $65 today =)

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