DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I took a long lunch today and went to DVDPlanet.

They're having a big sale on Pioneer stuff, so i picked up the boxed set of Serial Experiments Lain, and decided on a whim to get all the Tenchi movies because they were selling them for just $10 each.

The i went to look at their non-sale section and they had Oh My Goddess!!!!

Unfortunatly they didn't have Battle Angel or Vimpire Princess Miyu disk 1. I decided to get Ghost in the Shell on another whim.

Now i'm wondering if i should go back and get Fushigi Yugi. They were selling the boxed sets for $120 each, which is a really good price, but i've never seen any. Hopefully i'll be able to find someoen who's watched it and can give me some advice.

On the way back i stopped by In-n-Out and brought lunch back to the office.

I'm still annoyed that they have boxed sets for the dubbed DBZ but not the subbed =P

Despite that though i now have enough new anime to last me for quite a long time =)

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