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Allyn got a job today! She's working at Robinson May, or soemthing like that. It was cool, she went in today asking if they had any openings, and they hired her right off the bat! She went to a training session tonight, on how to deal with customers. Unfortunatly that meant that we didn't get to see each other =( But I'm happy she has a job! =)

I got email from Enid this morning, saying that she wanted to get together sometime in the next few days, because she got a job in the bay area. This was not unexpected, but it was a little sudden.

I was afraid that the demo would require me to stay late tonight, and I wouldn't be able to see her except for the going away party, which certainly wouldn't be very private. However we got everything done for the demo in pleanty of time, and I managed to set up dinner with her tonight.

We went to Red Robin, and then had coffee at the mall, and wandered around Border's a little bit. We talked about a lot of things, and I managed to bring up that Morna and I had broken up, and that I had a new girlfriend, so I've brought her a little bit more up to date on my life.

For some reason, Enid decided to give me a lot of books, and gods know why, a lot of legos, not that I don't appreciate them =)

She said that she was planing on getting rid a lot of the extra stuff she had in the process of moving, but this is some pretty cool "extra stuff."

It's sad for her to be leaving, both as a friend, and as someone I was interested in. Out of all the girls I've been interested in recently, she was certainly the most "normal." She didn't live 3000 miles away, she's not six or seven years younger than me, in fact, she's ten years older, which for some reason seems more "natural" to me, and I didn't meet her through friends, I met her all on my own out there in the "real" world.

Out of all the girls I've been interested in though, Enid showed the least interest in return. Perhaps I'm not meant to ever have a "normal" relationship. In any event though, I'm quite happy with Allyn =)

The president of company that owns the comapny I work for is going to be visiting tomorrow, along with some other head honchos. I need to go to sleep earlier tonight, get up earlier, and try to look good at work tomorrow.

Donella is flying in to visit people tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get to see her after Enid's goodbye party! Speaking of Donella, I need to start planing for the trip to the club this weekend that we've got planed. Allyn and one of my clubbing friends both say that I would look good in Pleather pants. I'm not _quite_ sure that I believe them, but I'm willing to try, so I need to figure out where to go to buy a pair. Gonna be upset if I look really fat in them though =(

KLOS has something called "group therapy" they do at midnight, I don't know if it's only on tuesdays, or more often than that, but tonight was "R" night, and the number one band voted for was.... Rush!!!! A whole hour of Rush music! I have all the studio CDs, except Signals, which is missing somewhere =( but there is still something cool about hearing it on the radio instead of playing it myself. That whole anticipation and having to wait for it thing =)

Speaking of anticipation, I'm hearing more and more about Rush recording a new album! Well ok, I haven't actually heard any more about it than the fact that they're recording one, but I've heard it repeated several times on the radio since I first dug up the news on the net late last year, so I'm happy =)

I'm going to go rest, read, play with some legos, and listen to Rush for an hour. Then I sleep.

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