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Life has been busy. I went clubbing last night, and there were several I knew there people there. It took me a little while to get into the proper mood for some reason, but once I did, everything was fine.

It's strange, a little over a week ago, the day before I went to E3, I got to talking with Donella over IRC. At some point, the conversation turned to various relationships and non-relationships that we had both had in the past. One of the people that came up during the discussion was Royella.

One strange night during my junior year, she and I started out watching some movies in the lounge with some other people, and ended up curled up and sleeping together on the couch. She didn't seem to mind this arangement, but being the shy and clueless boy that I was at that point, i.e. only slightly less knowledable than I am now =) I did not know how to approach her to find out if she also thought it was just a random thing, or if there was any possiblity of making it a more regular occurance.

Then, two years ago, when I went to E3 with the company I was working for before this one, I just happened to run into her out of the blue. We talked for a little bit, and she gave me her email address. However this was just a few weeks after Morna had (over the course of about a week) announced that she was interested in dating Bricriu, discussed the matter with me while I was visiting for the weekend, and then proceded to have a relationship and start sleeping with him. It was also a few weeks prior to when the company was going to let about half the people go, including me. Amidst all this stress and confusion, I managed to misplace the scrap of paper with Royella's address on it.

Since this topic had come up synchronously the day before E3, two years later. I almost wondered if I would happen to see here there again. Of course even though I kept half an eye out at E3, I never saw her, or anyone else I knew for that matter, except for some co-workers.

So you're wondering why I made this sudden digression. As I was walking out of the club last night, I heard a strangely familiar voice trying to catch my attention. I turned around, and there was Royella. I just kind of stared at her in shock for a few seconds, before saying hi. I think I may have stammered some kind of apology or explanation about having lost her email address before. She told me her current one, which I _think_ that I've remembered, unfortunatly I didn't have any paper, much less a pen, on my person at the time.

However not wanting a repeat of last time, I gave her one of my buisness cards, which has my work email on it, and said that she should write me there. I've tried sending her email, but even if it bounces because I got the address wrong, if she actually wants to talk, I know she's got mine.

Strange coincidences of life aside, both yesterday and today were pretty good. After going to the club, my friends and I hung out for awhile, and went to Denny's for a snack. I got home late, and got to sleep at about 6 am.

I was woken up this morning by Allyn calling, which is the best way to be woken up that doesn't actually involve her physical presence.

We got together at about three, and went and hung out at the mall for awhile. We each got a new shirt at Hot Topic for the next time we go clubbing. We then called Shawkial, and arranged to go to dinner with her and her boyfriend, who Allyn had never met before. Morna wanted to come along too, which was just fine, especially since Bricriu was apparently busy catching up on sleep.

After dinner, we watched a rental movie, and then went out for a snack. We discused living arangements, and it seems that we've worked out a decent arangement where I will move into the apartment with Shawkial and her boyfriend when Morna and Bricriu move out.

I'll be saving a lot of money this way, though there are a few worries. I certainly don't look forward to moving all my stuff, nor do I look forward to figuring out how to fit it all into the new place.

I worry some about how my cat and Shawkial's cat will get along.

I worry about getting my address switched over. I almost wonder about the possiblity of a post office box type thing, since I'll most likely need to move again about a year from now. It would be nice to have to stop worrying about changing the address on everything every year or two. A cell phone might be good for the same reason phone number-wise.

I worry about the new, longer commute. About one third of the money I save on the rent will technically be spent on gas for the extra distance I'll drive every day. However this is a trip I was making a lot of days anyway, including several times on the weekends, which I won't have to do anymore. So although the technical gain is about two thirds of the savings on rent, the actual savings will be much more.

Morna on the otherhand is worried that when I'm living with Shawkial and her boyfriend (who really needs a nick =) and spending a lot more time with Allyn, that I won't ever do anything with her anymore. I've told her that I'm still interested in being her friend, in going to movies or having dinner with her occasionally, However she wasn't able to spend much time with me over the past few months even when we were going out, because she was so busy spending time with Bricriu. I'm not sure why she thinks she'll be able to make any more time away from him now, unless she's just motivated out of jealousy from me spending more time with Allyn and Shawkial.

Ah well, I should really get at least a little sleep before heading off to work.

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