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Busy weekend

This is the first weekend i've had ccompletly off in two weeks, so i was very busy relaxing =)

Friday night i went out to Titania's place in LA to start out our Mage campaign. There are three other people in the campaign, besides myself, including the GM. Titania, and her two friends who i probably should come up with nicks for =)

The GM's girlfriend had played in Mage campaigns before, she finished off her character first. Titania has never played and RPG before, much less Mage, so the GM sat down with her and helped her work out what her character would be.

I've played lots of RPGs before, i've played lots of WhiteWolf before, i've just never played Mage. So i sat and read through the Traditions and the Spheres, and about the time Titania and the GM were half done with her character i started getting some kind of idea of what character i wanted.

Actually i had a couple of ideas, and i quized the GM's girlfriend about what kidn of character she had, and i asked Titania abotu her character, and picked one of the concepts that was a little more balancing to the party. Although not the most balancing, which would have been a Virtual Adept, but the GM's girlfriend pointed out that perhaps i'd like to have a character concept that's different from what i do every day =)

So what i've got is an (approximatly) 300 year old Akashik Brother/Shinto Priest. He's fairly good at marshal arts, and also pretty good at summoning/talking to spirits, so he's a combination combatant and information gatherer.

I finished up my character design about midnight, we went out to get some food, and then had our first (short) session.

We finished up at, um, about four i think? Or maybe a little before? I think i got home after four and before five, but again i'm not sure. I played a little Earth 2025, and then went to bed.

I had my alarm set for noon, but i didn't manage to get up until about three. I played some FF9 for awhile, but then Shawkial came up with a wonderful suggestion, that her cute sister come over and watch anime! =)

So Shawkial left to go pick her up, and they got back about seven or eight i would guess.

Ok, damn it, i'm coming up with a name for Shawkial's sister. *looks at celtic/gaelic web pages* Hmmm, okay, Vanora.

Vanora and i went out to get some food from Del Taco since Shawkial was sick of driving. We came back with food and started eating and watching anime. I don't remember what all we watched in what order, but there was some Escaflowne, some Utena, some Rurouni Kenshin, and perhaps some other stuff i'm forgetting about. Shawkial and Gwri went to bed about midnight or so, Vanora and i stayed up until two or three.

We got up at about 10 and started watching more anime =) Then we took a break to go get some food at the cheap Indian place. We went back to the apartment and watched some more Utena, Escaflowne, and watched Castle of Cagliostro.

Vanora finally decided to head home at about five or six. I voluntered to drive her, but Shawkial voluntered also, and Vanora seemed to want to go back with her.

I took a short nap, and then called the LA people about plans for the night. We had originally planed to go clubbing and maybe watch some anime beforehand. However they said they were feeling kind of bushed and didn't feel up to clubbing. They said anime would be fine, but after a little thought i decided that i was feeling kind of tired, and although i'd be willing to drive out for anime and clubbing, i wasn't willing to drive out for just anime (yeah, that's a little contradictory, i know =)

So instead Shawkial and Gwri and i ended up watching Memento, which was pretty cool =) Gwri and i looked at Memento web sites for awhile afterwards and discussed exactly what was going on in the movie, and then somehow got distracted by Exalted =) (new WhiteWolf system)

I got to bed a little bit before 1am, intending to get up early for work the next morning.

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