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Square is making games for Nintendo again!!!!!!

And in particular, they're making Final Fantasy games =) thinks they're doing Final Fantasy Unlimited (based on the new Final Fantasy anime coming out in Japan, yes, it's a game based on an anime based on a game =)

The GIA thinks it's FFXI, however that seems to be just speculation based on the fact that FFXI is going to be on multiple platforms, and they also brought up FFV and FFVI for Gameboy Advance based on the fact that Square has said they'd like to do them. However although those are reasonable suggestions IGN seems to have a little better support for their idea.

And i'll just put my mood icon here, cause if i put it after the lj-cut it won't show up =)

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Ok, it's

A few months ago, there was this big announcement about Sony buying up a fairly large amount of stock in Square. Square had been having monetary difficulties, steming in large part from the losses the sustained from the Final Fantasy movie. Square has made some rather stupid decisions regarding the studio they founded, which deserves it's own rant, but anyway...

At the time this happened, many people figured that the chances for any games on Nintedo systems had just been sunk, despite statements from Sony at the time that they would not use the interest they had to prevent Square from developing games for other consoles. With almost 20% interest in the company though you'd think that Sony would have at least some say though.

So what would Sony's opinions on the matter be?

I really don't know what Sony and Nintendo actually think about Microsoft getting into the video game market. However although things may have changed with the expansion of the video game market, so far there haven't seemed to be enough resources to maintain more than two companies at the same time. For awhile it was Nintendo and Sega, then Sony entered the picture, and a few years later Sega dropped out.

Then XBox entered the picture. Now along with the doubt about the ability of the system to support more than two companies, Microsoft is also rather well known for being monopolistic and doing whatever it can to eliminate or subsume its competitors. Add on top of that that it's an american company trying to break into Japan, and i can see that there might be some concerns about the situation on the part of Sony and Nintendo, whether or not they're willing to express them publically.

XBox is at a slight disadvantage in Japan, one of it's primary strengths according to Microsoft is the similarity between it and a PC. However in Japan PC games aren't very popular, so perhaps this won't attract so many devotes as it has in America, and certainly the similarity between programming a game for PC and a game for XBox won't help out japanese developers who mainly program for consoles.

Nintendo on the other hand is a fellow Japanese company, and despite stiff competition between them and Sony, they don't seem to have been as nasty about trying to engineer a monopoly as Microsoft, and certainly even if they've tried haven't had the resoruces to be very successful, especially against Sony which probably has more resources on hand.

So Sony is in faced with two competing companies, Nintendo and Microsoft, and if they had a choice about having one of the two fade away, they'd probably rather that Microsoft wasn't in the picture.

So they suddenly had a fairly influential interest in one of the major Japanese video game developers. What if Sony were to use this influence to nudge Square in a direction they were already leaning, and try to keep them away from XBox?

If Square develops games for Nintendo, then Sony can say that they haven't used their influence to prevent Square from developing games for other companies, while quietly urging Square not to do anything for XBox. All of the sudden the Gamecube and Nintendo get a huge boost in Japan, while XBox gets left behind.

If Sony and Nintendo were smart they could profit from this in America as well. If XBox does badly in Japan, then fewer Japanese developers will make games for the system, and by translating these titles to American and Europe they will suddenly have a much larger set of co-exclusive games.

Of coruse it's possible that Sony had nothing to do with Square's decision at all, but it's fun to think about =)

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