DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Since i've been spending so much time at work the past week finishing up for the milestone, I decided to go to work late this morning.

I got out of bed a little bit later than usual and took a shower. Then i called EA to find out what was up with my stock options.

The person i talked to pulled up my account, and said that the final sell date of March 8th was wrong. The date of March 12th was _also_ wrong. Apparently i have until March 17th to sell them, so i'm trying to figure out if i want to wait one more week to see if they go up some more, especially since Greenspan gave another favoreable review of the market.

I stoped by the mall on the way to work because i need to get a 2nd edition Mage the Ascension book for a campaign i'm going to be in. Unfortunatly Wizards of the Coast had copies of neither 2nd nor 3rd editions. However since i was there i decided to get the source book for their latest world, Exalted. Yes, it doesn't have a subtitle, how strange.

I then went by Babbage's and got a new PS2 controller, so perhaps now Shawkial will stop complaining =)

I got to work at about noon, and left work about eight. I stopped by the local Fry's on the way home, hoping to find Ah Megami-sama. Unfortunatly they didn't have it there either =P

However i did end up getting 3x3 Eyes Collectors Edition set of DVDs and the El Hazard the Magnificent World boxed set. I think i need to order Ah Megami-sama online just so i stop going to stores looking for it and buying other things =)

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