DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Last night

I left work at like 7:30 last night!!!!! *bounce!* Being done with the milestone is good =)

I went to pick up futuregirl, and suggested that we should have an adventure and try to find the Fry's Electronics that's near her place, and she agreed. It's right next to the freeway as you approach the exit to her house.

So we started out going down the road that's right next to the freeway, only problem is that in that area the 405-South doesn't actually go south. It kinda curves to the left and is going more east than south, and a little bit later actually goes almost due east for awhile, during which time it crosses the 55-South which is going south-west =)

So in any case, we're going due east on the road while the freeway curves away to the south.Then we got to Euclid which is the previous exit on the freeway, so we knew we'd gone too far. So i turned south and headed towards the freeway, and turned right again at what seemed to be the last intersection before the freeway and started heading west. We still didn't see it, and after going awhile, the road went over the freeway and we ended up back where we'd started.

This time i got on the freeway going south, and we watched on our left, and saw Fry's right next to the freeway, and i immediatly took the next exit which was... Euclid =P

So we headed north, figruing we'd turn west againat the first available opportunity, and the first opportunity turned out to be the street we'd turned down before!

So we went down the street the same way, but this time we just started randomly turning into lots on the left side. The second one we tried we found Fry's hidden away behind some trees and two or three other buildings =P

So after spending all that time trying to find it, they of course didn't have what i wanted: "Ah Megami-sama." Neither did they have the first DBZ boxed set. They did have a set of bilingual DBZ movies though, which makes me hope that eventually they'll come out with a bilingual boxed set of the TV series as well.

Since we were there anyway, i got DVDs of Castle of Cagliostro, Please Save my Earth, and the first DVD of Rurouni Kenshin. I need to check out the Rurouni Kenshin one soon to make sure it has subtitles. The first DVD didn't say anything about dubbed or subbed or anything. However every other DVD they ahd of it said that it had both subbed and dubbed, so i figured i'd get the first one and just hope it was the same.

So after that adventure we drove home, and stopped at Hollywood Video to pick up "Harrison Bergeron," then we went to the store to buy some popcorn and junk food, then we went to Burger King to get dinner, then we went to Arco so i could get gas. Wow, that's a lot of stops for one trip =)

We got home, ate dinner, and started watching Harrison Bergeron. Futuregirl had warned me that the opening sequence sucked, and she was right. They somehow managed to use something i can only call the "cheap-ass third-rate badly done movie" font for the starting credits. I'm not sure how just the font can give that impression. Well, it wasn't _just_ the font, it was also the way the credits would randomly scroll onto the screen from either the left, right, top or bottom. Take your pick for each particular set of credits. It all looked very cheesy and badly done.

However despite the abysmal opening credits the movie itself was actually quite good.

After that i convinced Futuregirl that we should watch another movie, "Unbreakable." After that was done it was very late and time for bed.

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