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I'm actually working today!

I'm actually spending about half my time getting real work done, this is a big improvement for me! =)

Of course i'm highly motivated due to actually wanting to go _home_ today since we finished up the milestone yesterday =)

According to the paperwork i've got, i need to use my stock options by the 8th, and i've got to use my stock options by the 12th. Needless to say this is a bit confusing. I've tried calling the person in charge of the stock plan three times today, but she has been away from her desk every time.

If i can't get ahold of her tomorrow i'll just go ahead and sell the damn things. Better getting not quite as much money as possible than risk not getting any at all.

The stock surge is slowing down anyway, i'm wondering if i should sell now in any event. I'd _really_ like them to get up to $60 before i do though. Of course i _really_ wish that i didn't have to sell them in the first place =P

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