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So sunday night i was working late, and about the point it got to 1am i figured that i might as well stay here instead of sprnding 30 or 40 minutes driving home so i could collapse into bed and get up and spend 40 or 50 minutes driving to work again.

One of the other programmers stayed till about 1:30 or 2, and another stayed until about 3 or 4. I did a little more work, but was mostly finished with my tasks, so i spent a lot of time playing games and reading webcomics.

For some reason i just wasn't feeling tired, but i finally made myself take a nap at about 6 and got two or three hours of sleep.

Monday was supposed to be when we finished the milestone, but things kept piling up all day. The artists came up with some new UI backgrounds that they wanted me to implement at the last moment, so i had more work to do too. Finally about midnight we decided that it wasn't going to get done and we all headed home.

So today we fixed up most of the things we didn't get around to yesterday. It's now 9 and hopefully we'll be doing the burn soon so we won't have to stay any later.

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