DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More work

It's sunday, and i'm at work again.

I left work at just about midnight last night, picked up futuregirl, and got home at about 1. I'm not sure why futuregirl really wanted to come over, but i'm certaily not going to argue =)

I gave her a backrub and Shawkial spontaneously decided to make hot chocolate (yay Shawkial! =) As far as i can understand, i handed Shawkial a big block of dark chocolate i'd bought at Trader Joe's because i thought she'd like it. She asked futuregirl if she wanted and dark chocolate, and futuregirl heard "hot chocolate" which put the the idea into Shawkial's head.

So after rubbing futuregirl's back for awhile and having some hot chocolate i played FF9 for about an hour, and then we went to bed.

The programmer sitting across from me is playing FFX again today, and doesn't seem to be doing much work at all. I haven't asked him about this yet, but i'm guessing it's cause he's finished up all his tasks for the milestone.

This is actually a good thing. Sure, hw has to be here anyways. They expect you to be in just before a milestone, because if something you're responsbile for breaks they need you to start working on it _right then._ However at Westwood if you finished up all your tasks, they'd find something new to assign to you. In other words, if we were at Westwood he'd still be here today, and he'd be given a new task to work on too =) Certainly if we were truly desperate he'd get roped into something, and certainly once we get past monday and the milestone is done he'll get new tasks, but it certainly does give you some incentive to get your work done quickly.

Some other nice benefits that apply to all of us. Apparently our boss went around taking Togo's orders for everyone before i got here. Which i'm perfectly okay with because one of the reasons i got her a little later was cause i stopped by In-N-Out =)

There's also a small pile of junk food sitting in the lunch room, and a pile of change to use on the vending machines, and if we're here late again we'll probably get dinner too. There are some things i disaprove of here *cough cough coding practices* however they definitely treat the people who are working overtime a lot better than Westwood did. Well, Westwood was starting to do a little more of that stuff for the last crunch time, but they still have a ways to go.

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