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Nice day....

Wonderfull for going shopping and driving to work in =)

I got home last night about 11, and played FF9 until about 3 in the morning! *bounce!*

Then i read for about 15 minutes and went to sleep. I woke up about 11 or 11:30 but just lay in bed being lazy for awhile. I finally got up a litle after noon and took a shower.

Shawkial was using the computer so i played a game or two of Rogue Squadron, and finally managed to get another silver medal. That game can be _really_ frustrating, Then i checked email and played a little Earth 2025 before leaving to do errands.

I deposited a check at the bank, got some food at del taco, and went to Trader Joe's. I bought a whole lot of the good flavor of balance bars, three bags of various kidns of trail mix with lots of fruit in them, and some altoids. Hopefully these will last me for awhile for snacks at work =)

Then i drove to work, and man was the freeway crowded for 2 or 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday! The 10-W was a parking lot for awhile =P

There is soemthing strangely uplifting about coming in to work on a weekend, at least when it's fairly relaxed and everyone else is doing it to. I showed up at about 3:30, and no one else seems to care that i got here a little late. We've still got lots of work to do, but for some reason there isn't quite the same urgent sense that there is on a weekday. (This will almost definitely change later tonight, and tomorrow, but for now it's nice) One of my coworkers who sits across from me seems to be playing FFX at the momment while his code compiles or something =)

Perhaps it's because normal days i leave for work almost as soon as i get up, and get home at about 11, but today i actually had time to do stuff in the morning and relax for awhile before coming in. There's nothing like not having much free time to make you appreciate what you get =)

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