DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


The folowing things are more popular than sex: Music, movies, writing, reading, computers, friends, art, poetry, dancing, photography, singing, anime, sleeping, drawing, love, and books.

Cats are almost as popular as sex. However swimming and shopping beat them out.

Guys and boys are more popular than women and girls. However all of them are a lot more popular than men.

Cheese is more popular than girls, though not as popular as women.

Video games and Tori Amos have almost the same popularity.

Porn is more popular than erotica, but not as popular as flirting, and Powerpuff Girls more popular than all of them =) Lord of the Rings is less popular than flirting, but more popular than the rest.

Britney Spears is almost exactly as popular as erotica, _that's_ disturbing.

Final Fantasy and Monty Python are almost the same, and both are more popular than Science Fiction or Japan.

The Simpsons are more popular than TV.

Hello Kitty is about as popular as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And they're both about as popular as school =) Buffy by herself is less popular than school though, but more popular than computer games or sailor moon.

Jesus is more popular than paganism =/ however neither of them is as popular as the Beatles =)

And i am more random than you ;)

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