DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More on the memtic viruses

Once again, because knowing what they're looking for might influence your results...

What is TotL? Never heard of that, but it thinks i might suffer from it.

The Mac stuff was probably all kirinn's fault =)

I also got maximum values on Pokemon, Japan, Windows (ick! it's not my fault! i swear!) and Hippyism.

The things i apparently _don't_ suffer from:

Goth: Awww, why not? What particular images are there associated with goth that i apparently don't know about?

Industrial: eh

Amiga: don't know what imagery i missed and don't really care.

BBCB: ???? "CTRL-Break, and get a real computer. Repeat: "Mode 7 was not a good thing.""



vi: nope, not i =)

Prog Rock: huh?

Football: Thank god to both! =)
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