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Thoughts and Ideas

I wish i had some way to dump my thoughts out of my head in some tangible form. There are so many things in there that i can't get out because i don't have the right skill set. Images are the area where i have the biggest problem of course, because i have no talent as an artist.

Even when i know how to encode the ideas, transcripting them takes so long, i can't seem to get them out fast enough. At a quick guestimate i've had floating around in the past few months; two story ideas, one video game idea, two web page ideas, one corporation idea, and one RPG game system idea.

I get frustrated with the methods of i have of recording the ideas, and so never get much done with it, and even if i took the time to work on any of them i don't really have the talent to do much with them. If i had the talent and focus to carry through on any one of those areas then i would probably be moderatly wealthy and feel like i'd done something worthwhile with my life.

Instead i just have these ideas jostling around doing nothing but distracting me from what few things i could (perhaps) be doing well.
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