DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Apparently i'm not super claustrophobic

My desk got moevd today. We've been rearanging things to make room for new people we've hired.

I got moved to the corner on the other side of a partition. The guy who's in charge of such things helped me move my desk over. I'd previously looked over here and decided where i wanted my desk. Facing out from the corner with the left edge against the partition and the right edge slightly away from the wall (it's one of those desks with a 90 degree bend in the middle) so i'd have a little space cut off for myself.

This person and my boss helped me move my desk over and put it back together, and after we finished they both thought that i didn't have enough space back here.

I said it was fine, but they insisted that we try moving it two feet to the left, so we dragged teh desk over. I said that i still liked it back the way it was, so we moved it back. They still though i was too crowded back here, so they insisted that we try moving it forward two feet. We did that, and i said that i still liked it better back the way it was, so we dragged it back again.

Then a little later the facilities guy brought the next level up boss by to show him the way it was and that i really did want it that way and wasn't somehow being coerced. I _think_ he was joking.

Personally i think there's pleanty of room back here, but they seem to think i should feel crowded or something. The space to get in and out around the desk is a little tight, but that's about it.

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