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Heehee, i'm dumb =)

I was looking at one of the bags of trail mix stuff stuff in the vending machine. It's obvious the shopping is done at costco, cause it's Kirkland brand trail mix =)

I'm looking at the pictures of fruit on it to see if i want to get a bag. Cherries, yum, dried cherries are good. Banana, yum, dried bananas are good. Pineapple, yum, dried pineapple is good. Grapes.... *blink* what would dried grapes look like or taste like?

Clearly my brain was segfaulting somewhere in there =)

I like the food situation here. The vending machine has some candy bars and chips in it, but it also has Balance bars and Nutrigrain bars and trail mix. They also have free bottled water. For reasons that i can't really explain i don't really like drinking water out of a cup. However i usually don't drink bottled water cause it seems like a waste. However not only are the bottles of water free, there's also a water cooler, so i got one bottle of water, and keep refilling it from the cooler =) I've been going through at least four bottles of water a day since i started doing that.

There's no free bagels on wednesday, and no donut club on fridays. However someone will often bring in something random on fridays, and work will randomly buy us dinner or lunch or some kind of snack every so often.

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