DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Monday and tidbits about weekend

I got up about 1 pm on monday, and got on the computer and did LJ and checked email and played Earth 2025.

I started playing FF8 sometime later in the afternoon, and then Morna called and said she had some free time to hang out while Bricriu was at school.

We went and hung out and talked at the landromat while she did laundry which was nice. Then we went to Borders and looked at books. I bought a (relatively) new book by Allen Steele and Morna got two new books for herself. The book i got is about time travel, and i made the mistake of starting to read it while i was in the store, even though i'd already started "In the Country of the Blind" =)

I stopped by the Hat on the way home and got a pastrami sandwich and fries. They had the choice of medium fries or large fries. I'd never ordered fries there before, so i figured i might as well get the large. When they say large, they mean _LARGE_. I got through about half the fries before i got full, after finishing my sandwich of course. I could probably have eaten all the fries if i'd just ignored the sandwich =)

After finishing dinner i started up FF8 again and finished it about 3 am, and then read a little bit before going to sleep.

Random stuff, i was driving home friday night and noticed the traffic slowing down ahead. Then i noticed small signs sitting on the sidewalk saying that there was a sobriety check ahead. Then there was one of those light bulb signs saying that there was a sobriety check and we should have our licences ready.

Well i was in the right lane, and the traffic was really backing up of course, and this big flashign sign was right _after_ a side street. I truned right, half expecting to find some cops around the corner waiting to catch the people trying to sneak out the back way. But there were no cops, i drove south a bit and then went east again and avoided the whole mess. What's the point of having a sobriety check and then posting big signs warning people about it enough ahead of time such that they can just go around?

I managed to stub my toe pretty badly sunday when we were leaving to go to lunch. I banged myself against an old computer case in teh apartment, but didn't think much of it till we finished lunch at del taco and were walking out and i realized that my toe was still hurting. I looked down at my feet (i was wearing birkenstocks) and saw that my little toe was covered in blood. We went home and i washed it off and Shawkial insisted that i put a bandage on it. Nothing seriously wrong except a big flap of skin that got torn off.

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