DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

*yawn* Beware, late night ramblings *more yawns*

Just got back from clubbing, and thought i would do a recap of the weekend before i went to bed.

Well, dating to slightly before the weekend, i'm now going out with FutureGirl, or something like that. We have a relationship of whatever kind you wish to define it as which is for the momment exclusive.

Titania was upset about it, or rather, she was sad that i was no longer available, but she understood why i made the decision i did given that she wasn't willing to offer anything more than friendship.

Interestingly, depending on how you want to count things, the relationship started on Valentine's Day. I'm not quite sure what to think about that.

I forget what happened on friday, i think i came home and collapsed into bed despite plans to play lots of Final Fantasy 8.

I woke up about noon saturday morning from Shawkial's cute sister calling. She had some stuff to give to Shawkial, however her car broke down about a week or two ago, so i got voluntered to go pick her up. This was a quite willing to get voluntered. Despite the fact that i'm no longer interested in her (or rather, still interested in her, but no longer willing to try and do anything about it) she's still a cool person to spend time with.

I had plans with FutureGirl to do something that day (a generic type something) so i emailed her to let her know that i had some stuff i needed to do first, and went to get Shawkial's sister. I gave her a ride to the library to return a book (i believe what she was doing when her car broke down =) and then took her back to the apartment. She started watching Magic Knight's Rayearth season 2, and i watched with her while doing the other set of chores i'd assigned for myself that day, paying bills. Unfortunately although i filled out the checks and sealed the envelopes and such, i forgot to take said bills with me and mail them when i left to get Futuregirl.

I went and got Futuregirl and drove her back to my apartment. Shawkial and her sister had gotten bored of Rayearth and started Escaflowne while i was gone. Futuregirl and i debated about what to do, and finally decided to see Lord of the Rings if we could find a showing because she hadn't seen it yet. I had to call up the Ontario Mills theatre because they don't seem to be listed under Yahoo, and apparently the theatre decided that when recording the messages to leave on their voice mail type system that they should use the employee who was best able to mumble and gargle the assigned speech so as to make it almost unintelligble.

After listening to it three times i decided that there was a showing of LotR at 10:45. Futuregirl and i snuggled, and chatted with Shawkial and her sister and Gwri some, and left for the movie at about 9:45 i think.

We got to the theatre and found that there was indeed a 10:45 showing, hurray! =) I bought a hot dog for myself and some popcorn for the two of us because i'd had about a half a meal all day and Futuregirl had had one meal. We watched the movie, the movie was good. I actually noticed Legolas nancing about on the snow this time, which i'd missed before. I still missed some other scene(s) that involved (or so i've been told) Legolas and Gimli walking together, and only Gimli leaving footprints or making noise or something like that.

Of coruse my mind has also been corrupted, i kept noticing things that related to the Secret Diaries of LotR, and i now knew that Elrond is also Agent Smith =)

Oh, and we also saw some cool previews. Spiderman, The Bourne Identity, the Time Machine, and perhaps one other? I'm forgetting.

Being a three hour long movie, we got out at about 2am. At least not having a watch i must work from the theory that the movie started approximatly on time and that we didn't suffer from any time compression.

We went back and went to bed, and slept until about 2 in the afternoon. We spent most of the afternoon relaxing except for a trip to Del Taco for breakfast/lunch, and then i drove her home a little after 6.

I then drove up to LA to meet Titania's friends for clubbing. Titania was supposed to be getting back from a rehersal at about 10, but it turns out that she was sick and hadn't gone to the rehersal and couldn't go clubbing =( We drove over to visit her and picked her up some nyquil and ginger (for making tea aparently) on the way there.

We then went to the club. They spent a lot of time standing around "getting acclimated." I stayed with them for a little bit and then decided that i might as well let them acclimate on their own and went off to dance. While i was in the Trance room a cute girl actually danced with me for a little bit! Not sure how that happened. Of course she then ignored me the rest of the night, but for once i didn't really care that much =)

Titania's friends and i left a little bit before they closed at 2, and went to Denny's to get something to eat. We sat and ate and talked for awhile, and then i drove them home. One of them said she was definitely interested in going again next weekend (she does need to do research for her musicology topic after all =) but her boyfriend wasn't sure yet whether he wanted to again or not.

So after that i drove home, and am about to collapse into bed, which i believe is how this whole weekend started =)

But i've got the day off tomorrow! So the weekend isn't quite over yet i guess. As much as i'd like to see Futuregirl again, it's kind of nice to have one day where i won't need to drive anyone anywhere. (Well, except perhaps to get myself some food, or go do something at the mall) This time i'm actually going to play FF8 and finish it damn it! =)

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