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13 February 2002 @ 10:11 am
Random statistics  
So last night i decided to be a little more systematic about things and did a search for peopel between 18 and 34 (an eight year spread on my age) and convinced myself to send responses to a fair number of the people that seemed interesting. When i finished i counted up the results based on age:

18: 1
19: 1
21: 1
23: 1
24: 1
29: 1
32: 1
33: 2

Which looks like a fairly even spread, unless you happen to know that the as they got closer to my own age i got mroe and more forgiving about how closely their interests matched mine =) So the 23, 24 and 29 year olds had interesting personals, but not anything that really shouted "geek."

So far out of those *pauses to count* nine people, only one has responded, the geeky 18 year old =/ Who sounds pretty cool except for that 18 part.