DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

murgh *stretch*

A full tank of gas, and 213 miles. Pretty crappy mileage.

I got up at about 9 or 9:30 this morning to get ready to go to the Homewarming party some friends were having in San Diego. Took a shower, checked email, left the apartment about 10:30 to pick up Morna.

Bricriu was going ot the party also, but he had some kind of rehersal-school-something this morning, so he was going to be late.

Morna and i went and took a look at the cat that she and Bricriu just adopted (which was still at the shelter cause she hasn't gotten spayed yet) and then got some breakfast,

I filled the car up on gas and then we started on the 10 East.

When we got to the 15 South it started out pretty good. However it seems the Santa Ana was out, and we could see a large cloud of dust ahead, and the car started getting jerked around a bit by the wind. I also ran into the ocasional tumble weed, and i saw the car ahead of me run into something that was a bit more substantial. Whatever it was got stuck under the car, and dust and debris started coming out the back of the car. I hope it was just whatever it was that got stuck getting scraped apart against the ground and not pieces of the car getting scraped up against the object, but the car quickly pulled off to the side of the road.

Traffic was mildy congested for the first half of the trip. At one point things bunched up because cars were driving around something that had been killed and was half on the left lane =( It was furry, but it was too large to be a cat, which being nekophilic is what i choose to focus on while otherwise trying not to think about it.

The winds died down a bit later on, but the traffic stayed bunched up as we went through the mountains. It got hot fairly quickly, so Morna turned on the air conditioning. However it didn't cool down much, and then we noticed that the air conditioner light was blinking. Morna looked in the car manual for me and it seems that means that there's a problem with the air conditioner and it's automatically shut itself off =/ So we were fairly warm the whole trip. Morna complained that it was hot actually, but i didn't notice as much.

I had a nice time talking with Morna for the trip. It's good to get to spend time with her.

We got to the place at about 1:30, and there were two other guests already there. Several people from college showed up that i haven't seen in quite awhile and some friends of the hosts and Gloyryn were there too. (Unfortunatly Gloyryn is out of the country at the moment so obviously couldn't make it)

It was nice being able to talk to these people again. These weren't even good friends from back in college, but it was still nice to be able to relate to people in a way that i don't seem able to with "normal" people.

The only female guest (besides Morna) in my age range was really cute, but she was also married (i think? or engaged?) For some reason she reminded me a little of Aina, although i'm not quite sure why.

We talked about lots of things in various groups, video games, fun stories about computers (mostly involving things going horibly wrong of course =) the apaprent degradation of the human race and whether the cause was genetic or enviromental, health technology, science fiction, politics, random techno trivia, and other stuff that i'm probably forgetting about.

We also played "Kill Dr. Lucky" which is lots of fun, this is the second time i've played it =)

Most of us headed home sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 in a mas exodus. As i was heading out i turned on the radio and fliped through the stations. I was still getting KLOS reception down there, and they were playing a Rush song! Which i thought was a good omen =)

I tried the air conditioner just to see what would happen, and it seemed to work fine. I don't know if the only problem before was that it was too hot, or whatever it was that was wrong fixed itself, or the problem was intermitent. I'll ask them to look at it next time i take the car in for a checkup. I'm worried about how much it will cost to fix if there's something seriously wrong with it =(

Normally when i'm driving up hill i push the gas pedal all the way down trying to maintain my speed. One of the hills was apparently not as steep as i had thought it was, cause i looked down and realized that i was going slightly over 100mph.

Both on on the trip down with the problem with the air conditioner and the trip back with the slightly higher speeds, going up fairly steep slopes through the mountains, my engine heat never even twitched above the exact center of the dial. I like my car, despite the minor problem now and again it's generally very reliable =)

I guess it makes logical sense, but i still find it strange that the engine RPM is generally the same whether i'm going up or down hill. It hits about 4000 RPM at 85 MPH no matter the situation. It just feels like it should be higher when i'm going uphill because that takes more work. However the real price is hidden in how much gas it takes to maintain that RPM i guess.

On the way home the Santa Ana was still blowing, although it was more active up in the mountains this time. (More active than it had been in the mountains on the way down that is) There were more tumbleweeds, and when i got back down into the plains again there was a _lot_ of wind.

I won the cop game, i saw the cop that i was coming up behind and slowed down instead of passing him =)

I got home about 12:30. I need to remember to get gas tomorrow before i go and do anything. Not sure what i'm going to do. I'm feeling kind of behind at work, so i may go in and do some catch up.

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